Designblok 2017


by Amanoriginal & Hænke

Our typical city life predetermines us to spend up to 90% of our time indoors. How can we create the condition to make our lives enjoyable despite being constantly surrounded by four walls?

The answer to this question can be found in this year’s Designblok installation  created by Czech design studio Amanoriginal and the urban ethnobotany project Hænke. Hand-crafted, locally sourced highest-quality furniture combines with a green installation comprised of plants whose function in our lives is not only aesthetic but can also contribute to improving our health.

Amanoriginal presents their new furniture collection TSS (T Steel System) that combines wood with metal. Its main component is a T‑shaped firm steel construction. This basic segment is identical for various pieces of furniture: table, bookcase, chairs or shelves. It is possible to arrange it in different ways, encouraging its user to interact in a playful fashion. A minimalist furniture that offer maximum application stands out thanks to its light shape and is suitable for both product presentation as well as an independent piece in any interior.

As plants gain more prominence within interiors – they also bind together the entire installation. Thanks to Hænke, you will discover not only their medicinal roles but also their history and extraordinary uses: some well-known houseplants (monstera, ficus, dracaena) used in gastronomy in different cultures across the world on one hand; popular edible plants (aloe, agave, coconut, pineapple) which, thanks to their low maintenance costs can become an ideal houseplant on the other. The entire installation is full of contrasts: Instagram minimalism and “plantgang” collides with the joyful decoration à la Memphis Group whose colourful geometric design made headlines in the 1980s, providing inspiration for the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or David Bowie.